Dermal Bra Suspension Breast Lift

This 31-year-old patient presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for a Breast Lift procedure. The patient had undergone bariatric surgery, and as a result, lost a dramatic amount of weight. After her weight loss, she had a significant amount of skin laxity, and her breasts were deflated, and hung low on her chest. The patient desired to have a minor Breast Reduction and a Breast Lift to have more youthful, uplifted breasts. The patient was a size DDD but wished to be an average D.

To correct the patient’s breast ptosis, or breast sagging, Dr. Agha performed a Dermal Bra Suspension Lift with a minor Breast Reduction. He began the procedure by creating incisions around the patient’s areolae, down the center of her breasts, and under the breasts in the inframammary folds. Through these incisions, he removed the excess breast tissue and reshaped the sagging tissue to create a round projected breast mound. Then, he used the patient’s own dermis, the deeper layer of skin, to create an internal bra to support the patient’s breasts. He shaped the patient’s dermis to create a cup underneath the newly formed breast, supporting the rounded shape. Finally, he placed the patient’s reduced areolae in their ideal, central position on her breasts and closed the incision.

After the patient’s procedure, her breasts were much more lifted and had a nice, round shape. She was able to achieve her desired breast size and shape without using breast implants. The patient’s Breast Lift after photos were taken 6 months.

Before After