This 46 years old female presented to Dr. Siamak Agha with breast pain and deformity after previous Breast Augmentation. The patient had severe capsular contracture of her implants which were causing her pain. The patient was also unhappy with the shape of her breasts and the fact that her implants were migrating upwards. This was patient’s third capsular contracture and she had previously undergone surgery to have them corrected.

On examination, Dr. Agha determined that the patient had Baker III capsular contracture.

Considering her high risk for recurrence of capsular contracture again, Dr. Agha informed the patient that she would benefit from implant removalcapsulectomy, and Breast Fat Transfer.  However, the patient decided to just have capsulectomy and implants removal to see if she would be happy with her smaller breasts.

The before and after pictures here show the outcome of her breast implant removal and total capsulectomy.

The patient subsequently returned to Dr. Agha after several months to have liposuction and breast fat transfer.  Follow the link here to see her breast fat transfer before and after photos.

Before After