This 46 years old female presented to Dr. Siamak Agha with breast pain and deformity after previous breast augmentation. The patient had severe capsular contracture of her implants which were causing her pain.

This was patient’s third capsular contracture and she had previously undergone surgery to have them corrected.

Considering her high risk for recurrence of capsular contracture again, the patient and Dr. Agha planned a 2-stage procedure for her.  During the first stage, the capsules and implants were removed from both breasts.  After waiting for a few months for the pocket to close off internally, a second surgery was planned.  This included liposuction of patient’s lower back, flanks, abdomen, and thighs.  About 3000 mls of lipoaspirate (fat mixed with blood and fluids) was suctioned from these various areas using Dr. Agha’s fat harvesting protocol.  The fat was then processed, cleaned, mixed with antibiotics, and placed in small syringes for fat transfer.

About 380 mls of fat was micrografted into each breast.

Post-operative pictures were taken at 3 months when the patient’s breasts were about 2 cup size larger.

Before After