Breast implant exchange with capsulectomy, Implant pocket reconstruction, Breast Lift

This 48 year old female presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for a breast augmentation revision. The patient had previously undergone breast augmentation with 450 cc saline implants in a submuscular plane nine years prior. The patient had noticed implant migration with implants moving upwards, and towards one another, following her augmentation. 

Examination of the patient revealed breast deformity and asymmetry as a result of capsular contracture, breast sagging over the implants with the left side, being lower than the right, and implants that were touching at midline, a condition known as symmastia.

During a complex revision surgery, Dr. Agha performed implant removal with capsulectomy, recreation of a precise implant pocket, correction of patient’s symmastia, breast lift to correct for breast sagging, as well as placement of new implants.

Patient’s postoperative pictures were taken at about six months after her surgery.  As you can appreciate correction of such severe deformity is a major undertaking, and the beautiful results of this patient substantiates Dr. Agha’s vast experience in revision breast surgery. 

Before After