This 21 year old patient presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for a Breast Augmentation procedure. The patient had significant breast deflation after childbirth, and desired more uplifted, fuller breasts. The patient was a cup size A but desired to be an average D. Upon examination, Dr. Agha also found that the patient’s breasts were asymmetrical with her right breast being about 25 ccs smaller than her left breast. Her right nipple areola was also a half centimeter higher than the left side. Finally, her right inframammary fold, or the crease where the breast meets the chest, was a half centimeter higher than the left side. The patient wished to have saline implants and chose her selected size in office using a Mentor Breast Implant sizing system.

To fix the deflation in the patient’s breasts and adjust for asymmetry, Dr. Agha performed a Breast Augmentation procedure. He began the procedure by creating an incision in each of the patient’s mammary folds, where it would be hidden under the crease of her breasts. A breast pocket was then created below the patient’s muscle. The implants were then inserted into the breast pockets and filled with saline to create the desired size and fullness. To adjust for her breast asymmetry, the left implant was filled to 460 ccs, and the right implant to 440 ccs.

After the procedure, the patient’s breast looked much more youthful and less deflated. The added fullness was very flattering on her body, and her breasts were also much more symmetrical. The patient’s Breast Augmentation before and after photos were taken 5 months after her procedure and she was very happy with her results.

Before After