Brazilian Butt Lift

This patient presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for a Buttock Fat Transfer. The patient was unhappy with the lack of fullness and shape in her buttocks and wanted a Brazilian Butt Lift to improve the volume of her backside. During examination, Dr. Agha found the patients buttocks were boxy and flat, and she had dramatic creases in the lower buttock cheeks, creating prominent banana rolls.

In surgery, Dr. Agha began by performing Liposuction on the patient’s abdomen, back, love handles, and flanks. As the patient was already slim and wanted a natural looking Brazilian Butt Lift, only a small amount of fat was removed from these areas. However, the small amount of Liposuction made a dramatic difference, making her lower stomach completely flat and toned. Her back and love handles also became noticeably smoother, improving the definition of her figure. Dr. Agha then performed a Buttock Fat Transfer, adding the small amount of extracted fat to the patient’s buttocks, filling out the creases in her lower buttocks and adding fullness.

Even though it was a very subtle and natural Buttock Augmentation, it made an amazing change to the patient’s overall figure and shape. Dr. Agha was able to make small improvements throughout the patient’s body that culminated in a figure that was incredibly fit and perky. Adding fat into the buttocks not only made it larger, but also changed the shape from boxy to round. The buttock cheeks were also elongated, and the patient’s banana rolls were completely filled out. The patient’s Buttock Augmentation before and after photos were taken 6 months after her procedure and she was extremely happy with her new shape.

Before After