Brazilian Butt Lift

This 43 years old Vietnamese female presented to Dr. Siamak Agha at Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center for a Brazilian butt lift (also known as buttock fat transfer). The patient wanted liposuction of her abdomen, flanks, and back, with buttock fat transfer.

On examination by Dr. Agha, the patient was found to have boxy shaped buttocks with fullness of her lower back adversely affecting the shape of her buttocks. Also the lower inner buttocks were indented on both sides. Patient also had a good amount of abdominal, lower back, and flank fat.

During surgery, the patient underwent liposuction of her upper and lower abdomen, waist, lower back, and love-handles. Patient also received liposulpture of her abdomen to enhance her definitions. All of the liposuctioned fat was processed and then transferred into each buttock cheek.

Post-operative pictures of her Brazilian butt lift were taken 11 months after her surgery.

Before After