Brazilian Butt Lift

This 43 years old Vietnamese patient presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for a Brazilian Butt Lift. The patient was unhappy with the shape and size of her buttocks.  She was also unhappy with sunken-in appearance of her lower buttocks.

Upon examination, Dr. Agha noted that the patient’s buttocks had a V-shape, rather than the ideal rounded shape. He also noted that the patient had fullness in her love handles and indentation of the lower and outer buttocks.

To address the patient’s concerns, Dr. Agha performed buttock reshaping and augmentation with liposuctioned fat from the patient’s abdomen, love handles, lower and upper back, and sacrum. A total of 2,700 cc of fat were liposuctioned from these areas.  The fat was then separated from tumescent fluid and blood, washed, and processed.  About 250 cc of fat were then transferred into each of her buttocks, filling out the lower and outer buttock cheeks and creating a much more ideal round shape.

Liposuctioning the patient’s entire back and abdomen not only removed unwanted fat but also created curvatures along her waist and lower back. This also changed her “back view”, making her buttocks less V-shaped.   Adding fat to the lower and outer buttocks created a perfect, rounded shape to her buttock cheeks. This is three-dimensional sculpting, also known as high-definition Brazilian butt lift.  The patient’s before and after photos were taken 8 months after her surgery, and she was incredibly happy with her results.

Before After