BBL Reversal – From Bigger to Better

BBL Reversal – From Bigger to Better

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is an augmentation of the buttock region using a patient’s own fat cells. It is a two-step procedure that begins with liposuction of different areas, such as the abdomen, the thighs, or back, and injecting the fat removed into the hips and buttocks to improve their shape and appearance.

What is a “Safe” BBL Vs an “Unsafe” BBL?

While there has been a lot of social media chatter that BBLs are risky and unsafe procedures with a high mortality rate, the President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and Endowed Professor and Chair of Plastic Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Dr. J. Peter Rubin stated that while past data did show a higher mortality rate, “over the last five years, thanks to a rigorous campaign of patient and surgeon education, along with refined surgical techniques and additional research studies that provided new insights, [BBL] has slowly established itself as a safer procedure in the hands of a qualified plastic surgeon.”

Dr. Agha is one of those qualified plastic surgeons, who has performed over 500 BBLs by safely injecting fat into fat. The risk with BBL is that, in the hands of an untrained or unqualified surgeon, fat could be injected into muscle as opposed to fat. This could lead to complications. But with a trained and qualified surgeon, the risk is minimal.

Does Weight Gain Affect a BBL? 

With a BBL, fat is taken from one part of the body and injected into another part of the body. It is unlikely that your weight would change, but your appearance certainly would. The section of the body where the fat was removed would be slimmer, while the buttocks would be larger and more aesthetically shaped.

In some cases, weight gain over time can affect the appearance of a BBL. When a person gains weight, fat cells, including those in the buttocks, can further expand and create an overly large posterior. This expansion is not always uniform and could create a less than desirable buttocks shape.

What is BBL Reversal?

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of discussion on social media about some influencers and celebrities having BBL reductions. It is possible to have a BBL reversal simply by reversing the process by which it was performed, namely with liposuction. Additionally, BBLs are not permanent as the added fat can shrink if the patient loses weight, thus minimizing the effect of the BBL.

Most people who seek a BBL reversal are unhappy with the shape or appearance of their butt post-surgery. In most cases, they wish to reshape the buttocks and reduce the volume, but few wish to restore their butt to its prior appearance. When this is the case, BBL “reversals” can be very successful procedures.

Who Could Benefit from BBL Reversal?

One of the main considerations for whether a BBL reversal will be successful is if the initial BBL was performed correctly. If fat was injected above the muscle layer, then BBL reversal can be performed with liposuction. Keep in mind that if your surgeon did not perform the BBL properly by injecting fat into the gluteal muscle, fat in that location cannot be safely removed. In these situations, Dr. Agha will perform a traditional butt lift by removing buttocks tissue, lifting, and reshaping the butt.

Another consideration is skin elasticity, or skin’s ability to contract after being stretched. As we age, skin elasticity declines. Fat is what helps the buttocks retain its shape, so if fat is removed, skin that has poor elasticity could sag or be unshapely. This can affect the quality of the results. In such cases, skin tightening procedures or the removal of excess skin during surgery may be necessary.

In most cases, patients who want a BBL reversal don’t want to go back to where they started. Many patients still want an enhanced look, just not as dramatic as their original result. Careful liposuction can be done to only remove the excess fat and leave the patient with the volume and shape they desired in the first place.

Surgical Options for BBL Reversal: Liposuction Vs. Traditional Butt Lift

For patients who want a modest reduction and have good skin elasticity, liposuction may be a suitable approach. However, if a patient does not have good skin elasticity, a traditional butt lift would be the best course. As mentioned above, Dr. Agha has performed over 500 successful buttock enhancement and reshaping procedures that involve a traditional butt lift.

Additionally, liposuction of the back, flanks, and/or thighs without fat grafting to the buttocks can enhance the appearance of the lower torso and buttocks by balancing the proportions of the buttocks to the rest of the body. Dr. Agha assesses each patient and determines the best course to achieve their desired results.

Dr. Agha’s Signature Procedure for BBL Reversal for Patients with Excess Skin

As a highly skilled and certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Agha has created an algorithm for giving his patients an aesthetically desirable, custom-made buttocks.

For patients who want a minor to moderate reduction and have excellent skin elasticity, Dr. Agha uses Vaser Ultra-sound assisted liposuction to remove the excess fat while sculpting and reshaping the buttocks for the best look.

For patients who need a major reduction, Dr. Agha will use liposuction, then employ his signature buttock restoration and reshaping approach to reduce, lift, and reshape the buttocks. This creates a smaller, lifted, and perkier buttocks. For patients who have saggy skin, Dr. Agha will remove as much fat and skin as needed to create a smaller, smoother, and rounder buttocks.

In his experience, Dr. Agha knows that in most cases, liposuction alone will not produce the best outcome due to skin laxity and dimpling. Dr. Agha’s signature buttock restoration technique not only reduces the buttock volume, but it also lifts the buttocks and reshapes it for an aesthetically pleasing and custom-made buttocks for each patient.

People who are considering a BBL or BBL reversal should only consult with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Agha. With his experience and custom procedure, he understands the options, potential outcomes, and associated risks. It is important to always prioritize your safety and make informed decisions about any cosmetic procedure. If you are interested in what Dr. Agha and the surgeons at The Aesthetic Centers can do for you, contact them today for a consultation.

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