Previously dissatisfied with the results of her Abdominoplasty and Brazilian Butt Lift performed elsewhere, this beautiful patient in her mid 30s sought out a solution for her concerns at The Aesthetic Centers. Dr. Agha has devised a comprehensive surgery plan aiming at addressing abdominal tissue laxity, buttocks asymmetry, and undesired fat distribution.

Under the skilled hands of Dr. Agha, the patient underwent a meticulous revision procedure. First, Dr. Agha liposuctioned her abdomen and lower back creating a curvaceous contour between her back and buttock. Then, he carefully augmented her lower buttocks with advanced fat grafting techniques, enhancing symmetry and shape. Then, attention turned to her abdominal area, where excess tissue was skillfully removed, pubic area lifted and muscles tightened, unveiling a toned and contoured midsection.

Throughout the procedure, meticulous attention was paid to detail, ensuring optimal results and minimal risk. With no complications and a smooth recovery ahead, the patient is poised to step into a new chapter of confidence and self-assurance, embracing her transformed figure with pride.

Follow-up photos were taken 6 months after surgery.

Before After