This out-of-state 55-year-old female presented herself to Dr. Agha for a tummy tuck revision. In addition to the tummy tuck revision procedure she requested, she also wanted a brazilian butt lift, and outer thigh lift. The patient had already undergone a tummy tuck by another plastic surgeon several years earlier. On examination, the patient had a high tummy tuck scar, abdominal contour irregularities, and fullness of her love handles. She underwent a full 360-degree body sculpting that included liposuction, buttock lipoaugmentation (Brazilian butt lift), tummy tuck revision, and outer thigh lift. Post-operative pictures were taken at about 12 months when the patient returned for additional surgeries.

Dr. Agha notices that many other plastic surgeons leave high incision lines leaving the scars visible. When Dr. Agha performs his tummy tuck procedures, he places the incisions below the waistline making them easily hidden by either underwear or a bikini bottom. It takes a high level of experience and expertise to be able to place the incisions lower, but Dr. Agha has the expertise necessary to do so.

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