A 52-year-old female presented her concerns with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Agha; she wanted a tummy tuck procedure after 5 pregnancies and a previous abdominal surgery. The patient underwent Dr. Agha’s signature High-definition tummy tuck with liposuclpture. The High-definition tummy tuck frequently is accompanied with liposuction the sculpt the flanks and upper abdomen region. The High-definition tummy tuck will recreate an hourglass contour of your abdomen, applying many of the aesthetic features of the ideal abdomen: a defined rectus abdominus silhouette with oblique lateral indentation and depressions and a vertically-oriented navel in a narrow, midline depression. During this procedure, Dr. Agha removed abdominal skin from her naval to her pubic region therefore enhancing the definition of her abdomen, giving her a more toned look. These include a six-pack silhouette over her mid-abdomen and creation of depressions on the sides. Following tummy tuck surgery, many patients experience an immediate improvement in self-esteem and discover greater self-confidence. With this new confidence, many people have found that they can enjoy more activities because they feel more comfortable about themselves.

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