This 44-year-old female came to Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center located in Newport Beach, Orange County for a tummy tuck procedure. On examination by Dr. Siamak Agha, found that this female patient had a moderate degree of abdominal excess and tissue laxity. In order to correct her issues, she had liposuction of her flanks along with a full tummy tuck. Post-operative photos were taken 4 months after her tummy tuck surgery.

In a full tummy tuck procedure Dr. Siamak Agha makes an incision that reaches from one hip to the other. Due to Dr. Agha’s experience he makes the incisions low enough that they can be hidden when wearing underwear or a bikini. In this procedure, Dr. Agha is able to remove most of your excess abdominal skin and fat. For this particular patient, he also removed fat from the sides (flanks) of her body with liposuction. The result of this procedure was a very happy patient who was thankful that she found Dr. Agha.

Before After