54 year old female who presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for total body lift surgery. Patient had laparoscopic gastric bypass in 2004 at a weight of 325 pounds. Patient lost 127 pounds and weighed 198 pounds at the time of her consultation. She was unhappy with the loose and excess skin of her arms, breasts, abdomen, buttock, and thighs. She wore a DD bra size and wished to be a C cup size. The patient underwent a 3-stage total body lift. The first stage included a lower body lift, circumferential abdominoplasty, buttock augmentation, buttock lift, and spiral thigh lift. The second stage included L-brachioplasty, bra-line upper body lift, crescent upper body lift, and dermal-bra suspension breast lift. During her final stage, the patient had liposuction of her thighs, vertical thighplasty, and minor revisions. The right breast was reduced to match the left one. Post-operative pictures are taken at 6 months after her total body lift procedure.

Before After