After loosing over 100 pounds this 47 year old patient came to Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center for a total body lift. On examination, Dr. Agha found that the patient had breast deflation, arm tissue laxity, buttock sagging and deflation, vertical thigh laxity, and overall lower body looseness. The patient chose not to a spiral thigh lift or an upper body lift, therefor, per her request, the patient had a 2 stage total body lift procedure. The first stage, included a lower body lift, monsplasty, buttock augmentation with her own lower back tissue, buttock lift, and an outer thigh lift. The second stage included a dermal bra suspension breast lift, and L-brachioplasty. Her post-operative photos were taken at twelve months after her last procedure. The patient has been asked to come back to excise the dog ears at the end of her breast lift incisions, but has chosen not to, they don’t bother her.

Before After