This 57 year old female came to Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center for a total body lift revision. Having undergone a body lift in Northern California previously by another plastic surgeon, the patient was unhappy with several aspects of her previous body lift including, upper back looseness, arm tissue laxity, remaining lower body laxity, and her uneven scaring. The patient was also unhappy with the excess skin and severe laxity of her thighs.

On examination, Dr. Agha found the patient had significant significant upper back laxity, arm pit and arm tissue laxity, asymmetrical incisions with lower body laxity, and significant, both vertically and circumferential, thigh tissue laxity. Her total body lift revision included a multi-stage approach with the first stage including an lower body lift revision, monsplasty, liposuction, spiral thigh lift, outer thigh lift, and Brazilian Butt Lift. The patient, during the second stage, underwent an L-brachioplasty, a bra-line upper body lift, and vertical thighplasty. The patient’s post-operative total body lift photos were taken at approximately 6 months after her last procedure.

Before After