Spiral Thigh Lift

This 42 year old female presented to Orange County Plastic Surgery for a lower body lift revision. The patient had undergone a lower body lift in Los Angeles one year earlier by another plastic surgeon. The patient was unhappy with several aspects of her previous lower body lift; namely, the high-position of her scar and her remaining skin laxity, especially on her outer thighs. Patient also specifically requested to have her buttock projection and shape maintained. Orange County Plastic Surgery planned a high-definition lower body lift for the patient. The aim was to lower here current scar and to make it more symmetrical. Also, the outer thigh needed to be formally elevated. The patient underwent revision of her tummy tuck, monsplasty, revision buttock lift, buttock fat transfer to prevent buttock flattening, outer thigh lift and a spiral thigh lift in a single 6-hour stage. Her post-operative pictures were taken at 3 months.

Before After