This patient presented to Dr. Siamak Agha with a wish to undergo a Tummy Tuck procedure. The patient’s past medical history was remarkable for substantial skin burn after a childhood accident. The patient complained of scarring of her upper abdomen where the burn scars acted like a tourniquet and prevented her chest cavity from expanding.

On examination, Dr. Agha noted that the patient had a band of scar tissue around her upper abdomen with abdominal tissue excess and laxity presenting itself as a pannus over the lower abdomen. He offered the patient to have a Reverse Tummy Tuck instead of a standard Tummy Tuck in order to remove as much of the upper abdominal scars as possible and to extend the incision on the back to do the same on the flanks and back. Dr. Agha felt that the Reverse Tummy Tuck together with the Bra-Line Upper Body Lift would help the patient far more than a standard tummy tuck. The patient was elated and wished to proceed.

Before After

During a five hours surgery, Dr. Agha first excised as much of the back scar tissue as possible through a Bra-Line Upper Body Lift incision. He next extended the incisions on the front again excising as much of the upper abdominal scar and burnt skin as possible while performing a reverse tummy tuck. Prior to completion of the reverse tummy tuck, Dr. Agha reset the navel over the patient’s abdomen. These post operative pictures were taken at about three months after surgery and as you can appreciate this surgery not only improved the patients’ abdominal contour but also helped to relieve her from a constricted scar around her rib cage.