This 43-year-old female presented to Dr. Agha from Florida for a Lower Body Lift, Buttock Augmentation, and Spiral Thigh Lift. The patient had lost a significant amount of weight and had undergone a previous Abdominoplasty. She came to Dr. Agha to have the remainder of her body contouring after weight loss procedures.

Dr. Agha began the patient’s procedure by performing liposuction on her saddlebags, thighs, lower back, and flanks, collecting 1,000 ccs of fat from these areas. Then, he turned his attention to the buttock lift. He made an incision across the patient’s backside, right above her buttock cheeks where it would be easily hidden by underwear or a bikini. Through this incision, he repositioned and lifted the patient’s buttocks over lower back fat pads.  He placed a lower back fat pad within each buttock cheek, filling out the buttock deflation and adding a more lifted appearance. Through the same upper buttock incision, he also lifted the outer thighs and anchored them to the thigh muscles at a higher position.  To finish the buttocks augmentation, he added 240 ccs of liposuctioned fat into each buttock cheek, perfecting the shape of the patient’s new buttocks and adding a bit more fullness.

Before After

He then began the Spiral thigh lift by creating incisions over the crease beneath the buttock cheeks. Through this incision he lifted the back of the thighs. Then, the patient was turned over so that the front of her body could be addressed. He performed a revision Abdominoplasty, removing the remainder of the loose tissue and skin on the patient’s abdomen, and tightening the patient’s abdominal muscles. He also used the same incision to tighten and lift the front of the patient’s thighs. Finally, he performed the remainder of the Spiral thigh lift. He began at the incisions he had created beneath the patient’s buttock cheeks, and extended those incisions inside of the inner thighs and over the groin crease.  Through these incisions, he removed upper inner thigh tissue and completed an inner thigh lift.

After the patient’s procedure, she had a much more defined hourglass shape, without any of the bulging or discomfort caused by her excess skin and tissue. The patient’s Lower Body Lift and Spiral Thigh Lift before and after photos were taken 5 months after her procedure.