Years after her tummy tuck procedure with Dr. Agha, this 60-year-old female returned to him for a Lower Body Lift. She now wished to have a thigh lift and buttocks lift.

To correct the patient’s thigh and buttock laxity, Dr. Agha performed a lower body lift with Buttock Enhancement and an inner thigh lift on her. This included liposuction on the patient’s saddlebags, lower back, and waist to harvest fat and to shape these areas.  Through incisions that follow the curve of the buttock cheeks, a buttocks lift was then completed over lower back fat pads that were used to augment the patient’s buttocks.  Through the smae buttocks lift incision, an outer thigh lift was then performed.  As the patient’s buttocks severely lacked projection, Dr. Agha also performed fat transfer to the buttocks using the fat collected through liposuction. He added 500 ccs of fat into each of the patient’s buttock cheeks, creating a rounder and fuller backside.

The patient was then turned to address the front of her body. On the front, a tummy tuck scar revision was performed.  Dr. Agha also used this incision to lift the front of the patient’s thighs.  Finally, he performed an inner thigh lift through an incision that is placed along the groin crease on each side. 

The patient’s Lower Body Lift before and after photos were taken 6 months after her procedure.

Before After