This 57-year-old female presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for a lower body lift. The patient had undergone a laser liposuction procedure with another surgeon and was left with irregularities and indentations throughout her body, especially on her abdominal area.

To address the patient’s concerns, Dr. Agha performed a lower body lift on her to remove the excess loose skin and to smoothen out the skin contour.  He began the procedure by performing Liposuction on the patient’s lower back and waist to sculpt these areas and to harvest fat for later use. Then, he began the buttock lift procedure by creating an incision above the patient’s buttocks following the curves of her buttock cheeks. Through this incision, he lifted the tissue on both the buttocks and the outer thighs. Then, he performed a technique called liposhifting on the patient’s back. This technique is used to correct deformities caused by liposuction. It involves loosening the fat from its connective tissue matrix that house it so that it becomes more malleable to create a smoother appearance under the skin. Through liposhifting, Dr. Agha smoothed out the bumps and concavities on the patient’s back. He then injected a small amount of fat into the indentation in the patient’s lower back and between her buttock cheeks, creating a smoother appearance of her backside.

Before After

He then began the abdominoplasty by recreating her previous abdominoplasty incision. Through this incision, he reshaped the patient’s abdominal fat and tissue to be flatter and to remove any deformities while tightening the patient’s abdominal muscles. Through the same incision, he also lifted the front of the patient’s thighs.

After her procedure, the patient had a much smoother appearance throughout her body, and no longer had the deformities and indentations caused by her past procedure. The patient’s Lower Body Lift before and after photos were taken a year after her procedure.