This 33-year-old patient presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for skin removal surgery after massive weight loss. The patient was unhappy with the dimpling on her buttocks and thighs, as well as the excess skin and visible stretch marks on her abdomen. She also wished to have a scar revision performed on her previous Abdominoplasty scar.

Upon examination, Dr. Agha found that the patient had mild abdominal and waist tissue laxity, and significant vertical laxity of her thighs. Her buttocks were also deflated, and had indentations due to a previous liposuction procedure.

To address the patient’s concerns, Dr. Agha performed his signature lower body lift that included abdominoplasty scar revision, outer and anterior thigh lift, buttocks lift and augmentation, as well as liposuction of flanks, thighs, saddle bags, and lower back, removing the fullness in these areas to refine the shape of the patient’s body.

After the procedure, the patient had a much more toned and tighter figure, without cellulites and dimpling. She also had a more refined abdominal scar. The patient’s Lower Body Lift before and after photos were taken 6 months after her procedure.

Before After