This patient in her sixties presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for plastic surgery after massive weight loss. The patient had previously had a gastric bypass and lost over 140 pounds of weight. The patient was dismayed with the significant laxity of her lower body and wished to undergo a lower body lift and thigh reduction.

The patient underwent Dr. Agha’s signature high-definition lower body lift with buttocks enhancement and his pioneered Spiral thigh lift during a 1 stage surgery that lasted approximately 7 ½ hours, Her procedures included:

– Lower body lift with abdominoplasty, monsplasty (pubic lift), thigh front lift, outer thigh lift, waist and lower back skin excision, and buttocks lift
– Liposuction of her lower back, love-handles and waist
– Buttocks augmentation with lower back fat pads
– Buttocks enhancement with fat transfer
– Liposculpting of the patient abdomen
– Spiral thigh lift to lift the thigh back and inner thigh

Essentially the patient had a circumferential thigh lift to elevate the front, back, inner, and outer thigh tissues and skin. The patient stayed locally in Orange County for over 4 weeks.

Post-operative lower body lift photos were taken at 3 month after, when she came back for her upper body lift.

Before After