After massive weight loss of about 180 pounds, this patient presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for Plastic Surgery after Weight Loss. The patient desired not only skin removal but also body contouring and transformation in such a way that her remaining contour can be enhanced in a three dimensional manner. During examination, Dr. Agha noted that the patient had a significant amount of loose skin and little fat to work with. Having said that he planned to perform a high definition lower body lift for the patient in order to use her remaining fat to create buttocks, contour, and shape for the patient. It was also noted that the patient has a substantial amount of inner thigh skin laxity as well as banana rolls under her buttock cheeks. During a 7 1/2 hour surgery, Dr. Agha performed his signature high definition lower body lift, as well as his pioneered spiral thigh lift for this patient. What you see is the symmetry and the mastery of scar placement in this patient. Not only her lower body lift incisions can be well hidden in a bikini, but also her inner thigh and spiral thigh lift incisions are placed meticulously within the patient’s groin crease and under her buttocks cheeks.

Patient’s body lift before and after pictures are shown here at about nine months after her last surgery.

Before After