This 27 year-old female presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for Body Contouring surgery. The patient primarily wished to have a 360 degrees Liposuction of her torso as well as her inner thighs.

On examination Dr. Agha noted that the patient had a moderate degree of fatty excess of her abdomen, waist fullness, as well as lower back, midback and love handle fullness.

Following  the patient’s desires, Dr. Agha performed Liposuction of the patient’s mid back, lower back, love handles, as well as sacrum. About 1200 mls of fat was suctioned from these areas.  The fat was then processed and used for buttock reshaping in order to enhance the roundness of her buttocks and to fill contour irregularities and depressions. On the front, Dr. Agha continued to Liposuction the patient’s flanks and abdomen for 1500 mls, to create a beautifully curved waistline and hour glass silhouette.  Finally, 150 mls of fat was obtained from each inner thigh.

Before After

As you can appreciate from the patient’s before and after photos, the 360 degrees Liposuction not only removed the excess fatty prominences over the patient’s abdomen and back, but also helped to create an hourglass body shape for the patient. Furthermore, the fat was used to reshape her buttocks so that the buttocks appear smoother and rounder.

Patient’s before and after Liposuction pictures were taken at about six months after her surgery.