This 31 year old patient presented to Dr. Agha for breast implant exchange and large volume liposuction of multiple areas of her body. The patient desired liposuction of her abdomen, flanks, inner thighs, arms, axillary rolls, banana rolls, and upper and lower back, as well as minor buttocks fat transfer to the lower buttocks and buttock dimples.

On examination, the patient was found to have fatty fullness of the areas of concern. She also had minor sagging of her breasts as well as minor breast asymmetry and implant malposition from a previous breast augmentation with saline implants by another surgeon. The right breast was noted to be smaller, droopier, with an implant that was slightly lower than the left side.

The patient elected to have her surgeries performed in 2 stages. During the first surgery, she underwent large volume tumescent liposuction of her abdomen, flanks, upper, mid and lower back with a 4 mm cannula. She also had tumescent liposuction of her inner thighs, arms, axillary rolls, and banana rolls (the area under the buttocks) with a 3 mm cannula. The collected fat was then washed, processed and injected into her lower buttocks and buttock dimples.

Before After

Several months later, the patient proceeded with her breast augmentation revision. During this stage, Dr. Agha performed removal of 300 cc saline implants from both breasts, implant pocket correction, and then implant exchange with 475 cc high-profile silicone implants. Also her minor breast sag and nipple areola asymmetry was corrected with a peri-areolar mastopexy (donut breast lift). Breast augmentation revision photos

Post-op pictures were taken several months after her breast augmentation revision.