Hairline Lowering Procedure

This 32-year-old male presented to The Aesthetic Centers with a request to undergo a forehead reduction with Dr. Siamak Agha. This man underwent a 2 ½ hour surgery in which Dr. Agha made his hair-bearing scalp advance forward by 1 inch, while at the same time excising 1 inch of non-hair bearing forehead skin. This patent’s post-operative forehead reduction photos were taken at 9 months after his forehead reduction surgery. A significant improvement in the size of the patient’s forehead resulted in a younger overall appearance.

He was extremely happy with his forehead reduction results and was able to feel more confident with his appearance. Dr. Agha and his wonderful staff are more than willing to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout your entire surgical process. Dr. Agha goes above and beyond in order to provide his patients with optimal results; his goal is to exceed your expectations and for all of his patients to leave happy. This patient’s overall appearance had a major transformation by the forehead reduction that Dr. Agha performed.

Before After