Facelift Redo, Neck Lift Redo, Brow Lift, Fat Transfer to the cheeks, Chemical Peel

This 69 year old patient presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for a revision Facelift, revision Neck Lift and Brow Lift. The patient was unhappy with previous Face Lift and Neck Lift and desired a more youthful appearance. Upon examination, Dr. Agha noted that the patient had a tired look to her face as a result of brow sagging, square jaw, jowling, facial wrinkles as well as neck bands.

To address the patient’s needs, Dr. Agha performed a Face Lift, and Neck Lift revision, Brow Lift, Fat Transfer to the cheeks, and a chemical peel on the face and neck.  

During the surgery, a small incision was made within the patient’s hairline on each side on her forehead. Through this incision, the patient’s brows were lifted to decrease the sagging and to soften the surrounding fine lines and wrinkles.  The Brow Lift also opened up the patient’s eyes. Next, an incision was made beneath the patient’s chin. Through this incision, the neck bands, which represent neck muscle separation, were sutured together to restore neck muscle position and tightness. This created a much sharper jawline from the side profile.

Before After

Next the Face Lift incisions were made starting in the patient’s sideburns and continuing in the natural creases in the front and back of the ears. Through these incisions, the patient’s face and neck skin were lifted to reach the patients muscles. The muscles beneath the skin were then tightened and lifted, and the fat in her face was repositioned. Finally, the skin was redraped over the new contours of the patient’s face. Her cheeks still lacked the ideal amount of fullness, so Dr. Agha performed a fat transfer into each of her cheeks, adding a youthful fullness to her face. Lastly, a chemical peel was applied to the patient’s face and neck to resurface the skin. This removed the top layers of dead skin, revealing the new, vibrant and youthful skin underneath.

After these procedures, the patient looked much more youthful and had a beautiful radiance to her rejuvenated face. The patient’s Face Lift before and after photos were taken 6 months after her procedure and she was incredibly happy with her results.