This 34-year-old patient presented to Dr. Agha for a Breast Enhancement after extreme weight-loss. The patient had lost 140 pounds through gastric bypass surgery and was left with significant skin laxity and sagging breasts. After her weight loss, the patient’s breasts became very deflated, and her areolae were large and misshapen. Her right breast was also slightly larger than her left breast.

To address the patients concerns, Dr. Agha performed a Wise-Pattern Breast Lift with a right sided Breast Reduction, and a Breast Augmentation with silicone implants. Starting with the Breast Lift procedure, Dr. Agha made an anchor incision on the patient’s breasts and around her areolae, removing the excess skin on the patient’s breasts and creating the ideal areola size. He also removed more skin and fat from the right breast to ensure her breasts would be more symmetrical. Then, implants were placed into submuscular pockets of her breasts. The patient decided on 500 cc breast implants to achieve her desired fullness.

After her procedure, the patient’s breasts looked much more lifted, youthful, and full. The patient’s areola were also a much more flattering shape and size for her breasts. The patient’s Breast Augmentation Lift before and after photos were taken 9 months after her procedure, and the patient’s scars were remarkably well-faded.

Before After