This 31-year-old patient presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for a Breast Augmentation and Lift. The patient was unhappy with the small size of her breasts and wished to be a C-cup size. She was also unhappy with the downturned shape of her breasts, which had sagged after having children.

Upon examination, the patient’s breasts were asymmetrical, with the right breast being slightly smaller and narrower than the left.  Using a Mentor Breast Sizer System, the patient elected to have 400 cc round silicone implants.  Dr. Agha advised her to have the implants under the chest muscle to create a more natural look to the breasts, as the muscle covers and hides the implants.

During her surgery, Dr. Agha performed breast augmentation with a 400 cc round smooth silicone implant on the right and a 375 cc implant on the left to create a more even result.  He also performed an inverted-T Breast Lift to elevate the patient’s breasts and provide a more youthful, perky appearance to her chest.

Breast implants gave the patient the larger, more voluptuous breasts that she desired. The Breast Lift corrected the downturned shape of the patient’s breasts and gave her perky breasts with centered areolae. The patient’s Breast Augmentation and Lift after photos were taken 6 months after her procedure, and she was extremely happy with her results.

Before After