This 28 years old female presented to Dr. Siamak Agha in Newport Beach for breast augmentation revision. The patient had undergone previous breast augmentation with saline implants by another surgeon. The patient was specifically unhappy with the asymmetry of her breast shape. On examination, the patient was found to have saline breast implants that had been placed through a mammary crease incision. Patient nipple areolae were facing outwards due to the nature of placement of her implants. Also, the patient’s nipple areole was higher on the right side. Both implant pockets were also over-dissected with release of the infra-mammary creases on both sides. This had caused the implants to sit under the native infra-mammary crease, creating a double bubble effect.

During her corrective surgery by Dr. Agha, the patient underwent breast implant pocket correction, reconstruction of her released infra-mammary creases, breast implant repositioning, and breast implant exchange with 550 cc silicone implants placed within a submuscular pocket.

Post-operative pictures are shown at 6 months after her breast augmentation revision surgery.

Before After