This 21 year old patient presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for Breast Augmentation surgery with Saline Implants. The patient was a large A/small B cup size but desired to be a full C. Upon examination, Dr. Agha found that the patient had breast asymmetry, with her right breast being about 25 ccs smaller than the left. Her right nipple areola was also 1 cm higher than the left side, and her right inframammary fold was 0.5 cm higher on the right side. 

To give the patient the breast size she desired and correct the patient’s breast asymmetry, Dr. Agha performed a Breast Augmentation procedure through inframammary fold incisions. Through these incisions, he created an implant pocket under each chest muscle. The patient chose saline implants, so the implants were inserted while they were empty. Once they were placed within the breasts, they were filled with the desired amount of saline. To correct the patient’s breast asymmetry, the right implant was filled to 390 ccs, and the left implant was filled to 360 ccs. 

After her procedure, the patient had the full, symmetrical breasts that she desired. Her breasts were also much more proportional to her hips, creating a very desirable hourglass shape. The patient’s Breast Augmentation before and after photos were taken 5 months after her procedure.

Before After