This 27 year old transgender woman presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for a Breast Augmentation surgery with saline implants. The patient desired breasts that were full, round, and proportional to her body. Upon examination, the patient was found to have minimal breast tissue, and Dr. Agha agreed that the patient would benefit from Breast Enlargement Surgery. He also noted that the patient’s left breast had slightly more breast tissue than her right breast. 

Dr. Agha began the procedure by making an incision under each of the patient’s breasts. As the patient did not have inframammary folds, or the creases where the breast meets the chest, Dr. Agha placed the incisions in the ideal location for where the inframammary folds would be. He then created a breast pocket under each of the chest muscles. The breast pockets and implants were then washed with an antibiotic solution containing three different antibiotics.  The implants were then inserted into the breast pockets and filled with saline solution.  The left implant was filled to 305 ccs, while the right implant was filled to 325 ccs. 

After her procedure, the patient’s breasts added feminine curves and a more hourglass shape to the patient’s body. The patient’s Breast Augmentation before and after photos were taken 3 months after her procedure, and she was very happy with her results.

Before After