This 37-year-old mother presented to Dr. Siamak Agha after her final pregnancy for breast enhancement and breast lift.

On examination, the patient was found to have deflated breasts, large nipple areolae, grade 2 breast sagging, as well as breast asymmetry.  The right breast was noted to be smaller than the larger and more droopy left breast.  

During a 3 hours surgery, Dr. Agha performed internal breast lift with breast augmentation on this patient in order to avoid external incisions.  He placed a round smooth 325 cc silicone breast implant on the left and a 350 cc implant on the right through inframammary crease incisions. Through the same incisions, he also internally lifted both breasts.

The internal breast lift corrected for the mild degree of breast sagging while the implants made the breasts rounder and fuller. The added fullness to the patient’s breasts also gave her a more curvy, feminine figure, enhancing her body shape and creating a youthful feminine look. 

Post-operative pictures are taken at 9 months.

Before After