Brazilian Butt Lift & 360° LiPO

You are viewing liposuction and Brazilian butt lift perfection. Our patient of 47-year-old underwent ultra-sound assisted liposuction and liposculpting of her abdomen, flanks, love-handles and back through tiny, discreetly placed incisions. During her surgery, Dr. Agha liposuctioned 3 liters of fat from her abdomen and another 2 liters from her back and flanks. As a master sculpter, Dr. Agha not only suctioned fat away, but also sculpted a beautiful hour-glass shape into our patient’s body. Her body has seamless contour that that blends beautifully from back to the front. Deep concave waists and perfectly sized hips, add to this magnificent result. Patient’s buttocks were next reshaped and rounded with 650 cc of processed and cleaned fat per side.

Our patient’s 360-degree Liposuction and Brazilian butt lift After photos were taken at 9 months after her surgery.

Before After