Brazilian Butt Lift

This 32 year old female presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for a Brazilian butt lift and Liposuction of multiple areas. On examination, the patient was found to have a boxy shape to her buttocks with lack of definition. The patient also had excess fat in her upper and lower back, love-handles, flanks and abdomen. She specifically desired significant augmentation of her buttocks. During a 3 ½ hours surgery, Dr. Agha liposuctioned the patient’s upper back, midback, lower back, love-handles, waist and abdomen. The fat was then washed, processed, cleaned out and carefully injected to her buttocks as micrografts. Dr. Agha transferred the fat microdroplets precisely in order to create roundness of the patient’s buttocks both vertically and horizontally, like a hemisphere. Patient’s buttocks were reshaped into a beautiful heart-shape as they were augmented. Post-operative pictures were taken at 6 months after her Brazilian butt lift procedure.

Before After