Brazilian Butt Lift

This 36 years old female presented to Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center for Brazilian butt lift and liposuction. The patient was unhappy with fatty fullness (known as lipodystrophy) of her back, inner thighs, and love-handles. She specifically wished to have liposuction of her upper and lower back, love-handles, and inner thighs. The patient also wished to have a rounder and perkier buttocks.

Examination of the patient by Dr. Siamak Agha revealed lipodystrophy of her back, love-handles and thighs. Patient’s buttocks were also flat and smaller than ideal for her frame. Patient’s lower back had a moderate degree of fatty fullness, obscuring the true shape of the buttocks. The buttocks looked wide and boxy from the back. Patient also lacked an hour-glass contour. Patient did not wish to have surgery on her abdomen.

Procedure: On the day of surgery, the patient underwent liposuction of her upper back rolls, lower back, inner thighs, and love-handles. The liposuctioned fat was then washed, processed, and placed in syringes for buttock fat transfer (known as lipoaugmentation. The processed fat was carefully injected into the buttocks cheeks on each side as tiny micro-droplets to enhance the fat cell viability and survival.

Buttocks fat transfer Before and After Photos: Patient recovered well from her procedures. Her post-operative Brazilian butt lift pictures were taken at 1 year after her surgery.

Results: As can be appreciated from these pictures, patient’s liposuction and buttocks fat transfer resulted in permanent buttock enhancement as well as removal of “unwanted fat” from the patient’s lower back, love-handles, and thighs.

Before After