his patient presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for a Full Body Lift after extreme weight-loss. The patient had significant skin laxity on her arms, abdomen, and breasts. The patient was unhappy with her excess skin, especially on her arms where it was difficult to cover with clothing.

To address the patient’s concerns, Dr. Agha performed an Arm Lift amongst her other procedures. Using an L-shaped incision from the patient’s elbow down into her armpit, he was able to remove the excess skin and fat throughout the entire length of the patient’s arms. Dr. Agha took extreme care to ensure the patient’s arms were smooth and symmetrical. He precisely removed the sagging skin from her arms, reshaping her arms to be slimmer and tighter. 

Before After

After the procedure, the patient felt much more comfortable and confident with her arms. The patient’s Arm Lift before and after photos were taken 6 months after her procedure and she was incredibly happy with her results.