To address the sagging skin on the patient’s arms, outer chest, and breasts, Dr. Agha and the patient decided the patient would benefit from a Breast Augmentation and Peri-areolar Breast LiftJ-Upper Body Lift, and Arm Lift.  

For her arms, Dr. Agha performed an L-Brachioplasty. As the patient had a significant amount of excess skin and did not have good skin elasticity, the sagging skin needed to be removed surgically. Dr. Agha began by creating an incision along the length of the patient’s upper arm that also extended into her armpit. This way, he was able to remove the skin throughout her arm as well as her armpit and upper chest. The incision was placed on the inside of the patient’s arm where it would be most easily hidden. 

Before After

After the procedure, the patient’s arms were much more flattering on her very slim body. The patient’s Arm Lift before and after photos were taken a year after her procedure and she was extremely happy with her results.