This patient presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for a tummy tuck revision as well as a thigh lift. The patient, in her early 50s, was unhappy with the results of her previous tummy tuck done elsewhere; especially the size and shape of her navel as well as her scar line. The patient was also unhappy with the remaining skin on her hips as well as the laxity of her thighs.

On examination Dr. Agha determined that the patient has enough skin to undergo a full tummy tuck revision with abdominal muscle tightening. He also determined that the patient had laxity of her thighs especially the front and outer aspects.

During a five hours surgery, Dr. Agha  removed excess tissue of the patient’s outer thighs and waist through an incision on her hip and elevated the patient’s thighs in the front. He also performed a complete tummy tuck revision that included abdominal muscle tightening. He also created a navel for the patient and closed the patient’s old navel opening on itself a small vertical scar.

Patient’s tummy tuck revision and thigh lift after photos were taken at about three months after her surgery. As can be seen from the photos, the patient has a tighter abdominal muscle and appropriately sized navel, beautiful and symmetrical scars, and a lifted outer and thigh front.  Furthermore,  patients incisions extend over her upper outer buttocks and also improve this area as a result of tissue removal from the outer thighs.

Before After