Can You Actually Use Beeswax As A Breast Implant Newport Beach, CA

Can you actually use beeswax as a breast implant?

Can you actually use beeswax as a breast implant? Instagram Post - Beeswax cans and bars photo

Can you imagine having beeswax implanted in you? That’s the reality (and horror!) for women who wanted breast augmentation before.

In the 1920s and 1930s, plastic surgeons experimented a lot to create safe implants. They’ve tried lots of materials that would shock you today: glass balls, Teflon, and even sponges soaked in paraffin, alcohol, and yes, beeswax.

Silicone became more widely used in the 1940s, but it isn’t in the state and quality that we know now. 

Today, silicone implants are medical-grade and feel similar to human fat. Many people think that these look and feel the most natural among all implant options.

As long as the breast augmentation procedure is done by a board-certified and reputable plastic surgeon, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting an infection. You don’t want someone unqualified to botch a perfectly safe procedure!

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