Breast Implant Removal & Internal Dermal Bra Breast Lift

After many years of experiencing neck and back pain as a result of her large implants, this patient sought Dr. Agha’s expertise in removing her breast implants and lifting her breasts.  The patient had breasts that were now too large for her body and made her look “heavy”.  Also, the right breast was larger than the left and was lower. Patient’s larger implants had also resulted in rotation of her nipple areola outwards.  During a 4 1/2 hour surgery, Dr. Agha removed her silicone implants together with his signature internal dermal bra breast lift.  He also rotated her nipple areolae inwards as much as surgically possible.

Patient’s post-operative photos at 9 months show her uplifted, symmetrical and rounder breasts with no implants.

Before After