This 65-year-old patient presented to Dr. Siamak Agha for Plastic Surgery after Weight Loss. The patient had lost 50 pounds through bariatric surgery and was left with significant laxity of her tissues. The patient had also had a previous lumpectomy of the left breast and a Breast Lift, which left her breasts asymmetrical and slightly deformed. The patient wished to have more lifted, symmetrical breasts, as well as scar revision from her lumpectomy.

Upon examination, Dr. Agha noted that the patient had significant breast asymmetry due to her lumpectomy. The right breast and areola were larger than the left, and the right breast also hung lower on the patient’s chest. The patient was happy with her size.To give the patient the breasts that she desired, Dr. Agha performed a Dermal Bra Suspension Breast Lift, a procedure pioneered by Drs. Agha and Rubin. He began the procedure by making an anchor incision on each breast. This incision goes around the patient’s areolae, down the center of each breast, and across the inframammary folds. Through these incisions, he reshaped the patient’s breast tissue and fat, creating a new, round breast. Then, he used the patient’s dermis, or deep layer of skin, to create an internal bra to reinforce her newly shaped breasts. He wrapped the dermis underneath her new breasts, lifting and supporting them. Then, he reshaped the patient’s areolae and placed them centrally and symmetrically on the patient’s breasts.

Finally, he revised the patient’s previous scars so that they would be cleaner and less noticeable. He finally transferred patient’s own liposuctioned fat to her breasts to make them more symmetrical.

Before After